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Rocky Mountain Telephone began business on 1 September 2001 and has been in business for just over twelve years. 



Rocky Mountain Telephone is an S-corporation whose mailing address is PO Box 31007, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80931.



Rocky Mountain Telephone is a Value Added Reseller (VAR). The customer receives continuing service, training, upgrades, and repair of the purchased equipment and any other telecommunication services or equipment that you have, regardless of whether you purchased them from us or not.



Rocky Mountain Telephone provides a "one stop shop" for Data and Telecommunication services and equipment. In addition to the VAR we also provide a wide range of diversified services from across the industry including cabling, data networking, wireless networking and Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) representation.



Rocky Mountain Telephone is an Authorized Dealer for Vodavi Systems and products and Vertical Systems and products.








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