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My phone service is out, and I don't think it's a billing issue. Who do I call?


If you call your local carrier, they will correct the problem only if it is on their side. If the problem is found within your equipment or cabling, they will tell you to contact your vendor for corrective action, and charge you a flat rate.

Rocky Mountain Telephone determines where the problem is, rather it be on the Local Carrier side or within your equipment/cabling.


If the problem is on the Local Carrier side, we will mediate corrective action through your Local Carrier, and provide you with a work order number and time for the problem to be fixed. We do charge for this, however it is substantially less than the local carrier service call.


If the problem is on your side, we will ask if you wish for us to fix the problem, and begin troubleshooting immediately. Upon determination of the problem, we will notify you with an estimate of cost and approximant "up time", and effect repairs after your permission.



The time and date on my phone is wrong. Do I have to call my vendor and be charged a service call to correct it?


Absolutely not. In many cases, your issues may be resolved over the phone and Rocky Mountain Telephone does not charge for over-the-phone tech support.



Since you are a Sprint dealer, do you carry Sprint Cell Phones?  


Unfortunately, we do not carry a Cell Phone product line.



I would like to change my telephone service to a different carrier.


Rocky Mountain Telephone does not provide carrier services or dial tone. We can however, mediate new setups, changes to your service, disconnects and repairs through your Local carrier. 





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