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The ProtegeVoice SVP-8 and ProtegeVoice SVP-12


This easy-to-use voicemail is a real workaholic. It processes calls quickly

and simply, because it's made for the Protege® Telephone System. With 

ProtegeVoice on staff, everyone will be more productive and efficient. It's

 on the job 24 hours a day, seven days  a week to help control costs and 

improve communications.



Hard Working Capabilities

ProtegeVoice can increase your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to screen calls and by offering other time-saving features to enhance usage.

Answering Machine Emulation
Auto Scan Message Envelope
Call Screening
Direct Mailbox Access
Expert Mode
First Time User Tutorial
Intercom Paging
Multi-Point Mailbox Access

Decrease your operating costs by letting ProtegeVoice manage calls while cutting workload and minimizing overhead.

Trunk-Specific Greetings
UCD Auto Attendant Overflow
Reporting Capabilities
Answer and Route Incoming Calls
Record and Store Messages


ProtegeVoice has smart features that keep you in touch with your customers and enhance your level of service.

Intercom Paging
Caller-Controlled Queue
General Delivery Mailbox
Question and Answer Mailbox
Temporary Greetings
Multi-Level Voice Menus
Live Operator Backup
Voice Menu Greetings

Now, you can be two places at once. These features are so flexible, important information can reach you whether you're at work; at home or on the golf course.

Intercom Paging
Out Calling
Multi-Site Message Forwarding


Send a message to everyone at once, or just select a few. ProtegeVoice delivers information more quickly than by sending handwritten notes or memos. Theses and other features work hard to improve in-house as well as external communications.

Broadcast Announcements
Audio Text Response
Mailbox Linking
Guest Mailboxes
Group Distribution lists
Auto Conversation Record
Delivery Options
Flexible Message Options
Multi-Site Message Forwarding
Multi-Extension Mailbox Access
Question and Answer Mailboxes
Check Delivery Options
Out calling




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